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Health Info
Per Session

With millions of pages of health information available on the Internet, it is difficult to know who or what to believe. Perhaps, you did not have enough time to ask your GP or Consultant during your last consultation. At Medicals & Health, we will research the facts and provide a tailored, concise answer to your question within twenty four hours.

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Referrals Administration
GP Initial Consultation + Admin Charge

You wish to see a Specialist privately and require a GP referral. We can arrange a Private GP consultation and liaise with you and the Consultant’s Secretary to send an encrypted referral letter.

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Health Check
Admin Fee + Health Check Fee

We can book a general Health Check for you in a (UK) city and at a time of your choice. What about a bespoke Health Check gift voucher for that special occasion?

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Laboratory Tests
Following a consultation:

  • Step 1: You can order the agreed tests online
  • Step 2: You will receive a Home-to-Lab sample kit or get instructions on where to go to have a blood sample taken.
  • Step 3: You send your samples to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelope.
  • Step 4: You can view your results at your convenience once uploaded on to our secure server.
  • Step 5: We have a follow-up consultation (if required)

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Private GP Consultation
Per session

A 15-minute video consultation with a UK-registered General Practitioner, after initially sending encrypted, background health information.

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Other Services
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To inquire about other medical or allied health services please send a message HERE

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Discounted Initial consultation!

Price List

Allergy Mini-Check - An initial test to show if you are an allergy sufferer£39
Allergy Screen£179
Allergy - Inhalants & Food£299
Coeliac Check Plus - Bloating symptom, irritable bowel, ‘dodgy tummy’, concerned about celiac disease£149
DVT Risk Assessment - Concerned about blood clot£199
Well Man/ Woman - General Blood Test£149
Essential Plus£279
Mineral Check£149
Male Hormone£79
Sickle Cell Disease£119
Menopause Check - Worried about hot flushes, sweats, periods£129
Menopause Check - Worried about hot flushes, sweats, periods£129
Ovarian Cancer Check£99
Helicobacter Pylori test - Persistent upper abdominal pain£69
STD screening (Female) - Unprotected sexual intercourse£325
STD screening (Male) - Unprotected sexual intercourse£299
Tiredness Screening£119
Heart Disease Check Plus£299
Urine Culture - Concerned about possible urinary tract infection£69
Kidney Check£119
Lyme Disease£49
Diabetes Check£99
Nail Clippings - Fungal nails£149
Progesterone - A day 21 progesterone blood test to identify whether ovulation has occurred£39
Food Intolerance Test - Basic£299
Food Intolerance Test - Plus£319
Chronic Fatigue syndrome Profile£249
Immunity Check Plus£199
Alcohol Check Plus£129
Nutritional Screen - A comprehensive blood test that measures vitamin and mineral levels to ensure good health.£549
Prostate Check Plus£79