Pathology Opinion

Are you concerned about your histopathology (tissue/cellular) diagnosis?

We can arrange for a specialist Histopathologist in the relevant field to review and report your specimen, who will also carry out further investigations e.g. Immunohistochemistry or PCR as necessary for definitive diagnosis (tissue block required).

The Specialists can accept paraffin blocks or pre-prepared slides. Please send them by courier to The Histopathologist,
Medicals & Health,
18 Westwinn Garth, Leeds
LS14 2HX, United Kingdom.

All samples are organised and accurately logged and tracked by trained professionals, ensuring integrity of the process.

We will return all pre-prepared blocks and slides on request.
Necessary information :
Patient details
• Patient’s names
• Age or date of birth
• Sex
• Address
• Site of biopsy
• Relevant clinical information

Senders Details

• Clinician’s name:
• Address:

Reports will be made available to the client within 2 weeks electronically (scanned and emailed) and original copy will be sent with the specimen by here

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