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About Us & What We Do

KayHector Consulting Ltd is a health-serving organisation that meets the needs of clients requesting comprehensive health checks, medical referrals to General Practitioners & Specialists for second opinion or packaged medical tourism. We are involved in building capacity in the health sector. We provide training in Patient Safety, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management, Life Support and Early Medical Diagnosis.. KayHector Consulting Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales and has health partners in Sub-Saharan Africa, USA, and Asia.

Health Checks

Arrange comprehensive or tailored health screening, packaged into a holiday or business trip.

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Private GP Consultation

Private consultation can be done via telephone, video link, messaging, online chat or face-to-face.

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Pathology Opinion

We can arrange for specialist Histopathologist in the relevant field to review and report your specimen, who will also carry out further investigations

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Radiology Services

Setting up Radiology Services
Guidance on Equipment
Second Opinion via TeleMedicine

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Dr Hector's Blog

For more incisive medical and health write ups, please visit Dr. Hector’s Blog.
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    In Your Hands
    By Dr. Hector          | One of my lovely patients, an octogenarian with a delightful sense of humour has a parting shot whenever he comes to the clinic. He says, “Doctor...
  • What's Your Number?, by Abiye Hector-Goma
    What’s Your Number?
    By Dr. Hector          | When was the last time you took you car for a check? Most of us service our cars and do ‘MOT’ annually. It is surprising that with the human mach...
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Medical Updates

These meetings provide
Evidence-based education across a range of clinical conditions
Improved clinical skills
Show best practices
E-learning facilities

Health Checks

Comprehensive Health Assessment
WellMan (30+)
WellWoman (30+)
Child Health Screening
Teen Health

Specialist Referral

We can organise specialist referrals

Private consultation can be done via telephone, video link, messaging, online chat or face-to-face.

Cardiovascular Risk Management

Sudden Cardiac Death

Management of Major Cardiovascular Risk Factors
– Cardiovascular  risk factors:
tobacco use,
an unhealthy diet and
physical inactivity (which together result in obesity),
elevated blood pressure (hypertension),
abnormal blood lipids (dyslipidaemia) and

• elevated blood glucose (diabetes)

Project Development

Do you have a medical project?

We can work with you to develop your project, either as partners or as suppliers . We can also offer professional consultancy to assist you in realising your project.

Medical Report

Medical Report
Have you received a Medical Report and do not really understand it and would like to get an unhurried explanation from a trusted professional?
You can contact us through telephone, email or by filling out the contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Distinguished Medical Specialists